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Some of the best features

  • So easy a baby could use it
  • Nothing will wake you up better or quicker
  • Total personalisation – adopt your own characters
  • Fun animations for alarms, stopwatch and timer
  • Adaptive Day/Night backgrounds
  • Track your progress, stats and leaderboard
  • Full social media integration
  • Account set up and subscription option
  • User input and feedback (via web)

Our Story

Maashoom means “baby”

The Maashoom alarm clock App story started with our curiosity of how (we) as parents, without any hesitation, attend to our kids multiple times at night, but yet we struggle to wake up easily otherwise. After much research and networking with like minded people and experts, Maashoom App was born. We have built-in this unique and instinctive relationship of parent and child in the Maashoom App to make it a natural and effective alarm clock. See our short video for more details.


Our Vision

Our passion is to wake you up on time, in the most natural, fun, engaging and effective way possible so that you always get out of the right side of the bed and never be late again.


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